by Undrai Fizer 

If men and women would have eaten of the Meat of the Kingdom, "the reality of being sons of God, priests unto the Kingdom, and the answer to the groan of creation."

As a result of our search for the Fullness of Christ, many of us "partook of spiritual food that would soon be rendered as obselete, or stale bread." That was all of the Meat that was available at the time. If men and women would have eaten of the Meat of the Kingdom, "then the reality of being sons of God, priests unto the Kingdom, and the answer to the groan of creation," would have already been realized, manifested, and advanced.

But sadly, this was not the case. The earth ate "what was there." We all ate what was presented. And we all "grew" into the image of the "bread, meat, and water," that was presented. We "grew," but grew apart from the Truth. We partook from what we thought, or what was told to us, as truth. And as a result of eating an obselete truth, we have sadly become satisfied with where we are, no matter how miserable our present reality is.

Men have developed a "faith" that did not come from God, but from men's minds.

We have mistaken this "non-ordained" misery "as a cross of Christ and a patiently awaited process of breakthrough." But really, this "misery" has no resurrection attached to it, for it's "death" did not come from the Spirit, but of man. Men have developed a "faith" that did not come from God, but from men's minds. And as a result, they are holding on tightly to an idea that is not inspired from the Kingdom of God.

Many of us who have embraced the Shifting of the Kingdom, was likened unto the rich young ruler. He was the one who came to Jesus in search for Eternal Life. He embraced the rituals of the Law, but could not find Life, Purpose, and Fulfillment from them. When Jesus told Him to sell that He had, it was impossible for him to "let go of his faith in the law." Therefore, he embraced his "misery" as more valuable than the Kingdom of Life, and left sorrowful, unfulfilled, and more afraid.

Everything in God "is right, just not so comfortable."

Many of us were like this man, but there was something we found in Christ "that was greater than the laws of religion that we so faithfully embraced." And as a result of this Discovery, we took a chance with death, rejection, loss, and the curses of men's opinions, and ran with it. It did not feel good. It did not feel comfortable? And at times, it did not feel "right." But it was right. Everything in God "is right, just not so comfortable." Righteousness is not comfort to the flesh, but comfort to the Spirit of God inside of you.

There are things in God that just don't seem right, but they are Right. Righteousness is not an appearance to the flesh, but the Nature of God from the Spirit. God's righteousness does not look like righteousness to some, but it is to the Kingdom.As a result of embracing this Maturity from the Spirit, it is imperative for us to possess the Grace of t he Kingdom. We have been given to impart Life to those who have tragically, but sincerely, become satisfied with "stale bread."

This is a Season for the Cleansing from Old Bread."

When your stomachs have become full with "old food," there is no hunger remaining to "seek for the better." We have come into a season "where the Hunger for True Food" as been quenched by the satisfaction of the previous bread. Instead of praying for a "hunger for more," we need to pray for a "Divine Regurgitation of the Old Bread, Meat, and Water." This is a Season for the Cleansing from Old Bread." We cannot sow "where there is no open earth!"

Therefore, we need more and more Grace. We need to become empowered with the Grace "to possess the patience that is necessary until the Old has finally come out of the body, and into the drought!" The Body has become a people who have satisfied "from two different Diets."

The Body has become a Unit that is feeding from two different Tables. And as a result of finding satisfaction from two different tables, we are somehow possessing two different perspectives, endurances, faiths, and insights. We are finding ourselves divided, not by sin, but by Tables. We are walking together, but we are not "eating together." We are not Becoming together. We have the same Name, but we do not possess the same Nature!

Our Nature is a direct result of the Meat we eat, and not by the Name we declare.

We are in dire need for the Grace of the Kingdom. We do not need the Grace to teach, but we do need the Grace to endure "until Cleansing has come." Christ cannot be formed in us "when old bread is still resident in our spirit and soul." It is imperative for us to outlast the power of the stale bread "that is resident within the hearts of the sincere."

Jesus said that the children of Israel ate manna of heaven and were filled, but yet died in the ilderness. In order for us to discover an Everlasting Dominion, it is imperative for us to "eat Him." We must eat His flesh and drink His Blood. If we are satisfied with "bread in the wilderness," we will not possess the Hunger to eat Dominion.

When we find Joy in the "dry places of life," there will be no Vision that attracts us to the Meat and Waters of the Kingdom.

To eat what Jesus eats "is a choice." To eat manna "all you have to do is wait for someone else to give it to you." Eating what Jesus is, and waiting for the bread of the wilderness, are two different things. Manna is temporal, only good for the day. It does not continually produce, but develops worms after one day. It is an obselete, yet temporal refreshing for those who struggle with belief.

When the children of Israel struggle with belief, they began to "lift up Egypt."

They were continually shackled to the provisions of the past in their hearts. Even though Egypt abused them, Egypt also fed them. So, because their hearts were not truly transformed, God's grace would only provide "one day old bread." *see all of John 6.

However, seeing that we are in Christ, our Food in Him produces not only for one day, it continually produces Life Changing, Life Shifting Dimensions that transform us into His Image daily. There are no worms in this Bread, neither is there staleness in His Bread. So now you see our desperate need for the Grace of the Kingdom. We must endure the existence of two Natures that are fed by two different tables.

The wilderness and the Kingdom are not meant to be lasting friends, but a simple bridge and process from one to the other. Not back and forth, just a bridge from the wilderness. Truth, as a result of the existence of stale bread and New Wine, is now being perceived as the "same thing," instead of a Different Paradigm. This stale bread is causing confusion in the hearts of many who have not truly seen the Kingdom. And because of this tragedy, we must possess the Father's Grace.