The Kingdom and the Global Community

By Undrai & Bridget Fizer

We must fully understand that the Father's objectives are "global," and that He has placed an assignment of destiny and the seasons of it's fulfillment in His sons, no matter where they "may be scattered in the earth." His Vision and Prophetic Hope is global, and not strictly contingent to the "nation in which we live and show our loyalty." This realm is the Kingdom of God and it is in full operation in "the souls of His People," and not strictly on a "nation itself."

He sees a nation as a "people," not simply as people "separated unto their own selves, with their own name."

He sees a people, globally, that are called out "to Himself," no matter where their borders may be. The prophetic dimensions of our lives must transcend the "borders and objectives" in which "we live" in order to "see and perceive" the full picture of God's Purposes and Hope in all people.

There are believers who are pressing into the kingdom dimension "from every land and ethnic group." There are "other war torn countries and nations" who have transcended the "perspectives of church as we know it" and are contending for the faith of the kingdom. They, too, are hearing a "sound from the Voice of the Father." They, too, are "fighting the warfare, and contending for the fulfillment of His Purposes that has been spoken within them."

When they "read the scriptures," especially those that pertain to the "Last Days" and "wars and rumors of wars," they will interpret the Word as it relates to them just as we "Americans" can interpret the Word as it relates to "us." Other ethnic groups who have been fighting their "own wars" and dying for their own causes (according to their purpose and assignment) will "see God in the light that they can see Him." That is why we must "comprehend the Power of the Kingdom of God" and live above our "own name" and "own culture" and the identity we have made ourselves to be

We must "see with the eyes of God" and be expanded to "release the authority of Kingdom Government" to "people groups." We must "receive a purpose that transcends the religiosity of humanity and 'courageously embrace the Power that comes from the Father. When we do this, God will not be an "American God," or an "African God," or a "Jewish God." He will be the Source and Father of a Nation. A Oneness of sons that He has spoken into existence and also placed in "what He has spoken" a voice and a purpose to effect the borders in which they have been assigned. *read Acts 17:16-32 (especially vs. 24-28

There is a Word that "transcends the freedoms of the human spirit." There is a Dimension that is above the "color of skin, gender, and ethnicity of man." This "global confusion" has "opened the Door of the Spirit to talk and stir the minds of those who live in Him, no matter what "geographical location they may live."

When we can see "above America," we will be able to "see the Father's Movements." When we see "above religion" we will see the Father's Beliefs. Our kindred brothers who live in other parts of the world who also suffer injustices, seek to be encouraged in the Father's purposes as well, in their "own battles and warfare." Yes, there are atrocities in other nations that causes Americans to "seek to do something about it." Yet, we create and legislate "our own atrocities and troubles" that we are not "free to do anything about." Do you see what I'm saying?

The apostolic/prophetic dimension "is not a walled in dimension." It is not a "separate dimension of preachers" who are "above the laity." It is a "global anointing that is given to His believers who have embraced The Father's Views and the Workings of the Son "above anything else in the world." They "see Him as He is," High and Lifted Up! They have connected to the Life that is High and Lifted Up!

When you do this, you are not trapped within the confines and parameters of "natural identity and it's history." You are "caught in a realm that the Father lives in." His anointing and His Purposes have been given to us to "lift us up into the realm of where He lives." This is the Spirit of God that has gone throughout the earth. This is the Gospel of the Kingdom, a Word that is preached that empowers and equips "lives that are in the world" and not simply "groups" that are in their "own identity." He has already given us the "right to live and the right to speak."

He has not given the power to "one group" to give a "natural born right to another group." But these kinds of things will happen when "one group owns the world." This is the "end of a group owning the world." God is
empowering and raising up people, a people that will live above the "identity of a system," which is the world system," and giving them the authority to speak a Word that has not been "heralded before." The Lord God is truly doing this. He is creating deeper dimensions of the "fivefold" advance, and truly releasing it throughout the World.

NOTE: You must understand that a nation, or a people, cannot be truly "free" until the Father "is free." There is no "freedoms to preserve" when legislation that "ban" the Authority of the Father is "respected and in the place of authority." No land is "free" where the Father is "bound." So now we seek a "kingdom, a city not made with hands that is resident within the corridors of a Spoken Purpose that is within us" protected from "wars, dissensions, and the affairs of the human thought." Now, we hear the Voice of God, coming from a place that cannot be "torn asunder by bullets and tyrants. A place where "yea is yea" and "nay is nay." A place where the Father "is the Government" and He needs "no votes to do anything He desires to do!"

This "Place is already in you!"++

We must see God "beyond a country." We must see Christ "beyond a people group." We must receive the "fullness of the Life of the Anointing" and receive the courage to "live in it" and speak from it! God is bringing a "unity among the believers," not a "unity among the denominations." He is bringing a "unity amongst those who have never met, and probably never will." He has gone beyond us "trying to unify the things we can see." He is "unifying amongst the things we do not see." There are sons of God in other borders and other nations that are being affirmed by our lives and by the purposes within our spirit. We are being affirmed by them as well. There "is" a unifying going on in the Body. It may not be a religious body," because the Body of Christ "is not supposed to be a religious body." But there is a "joining together in the purposes of God in the earth."

Your anointing was given so you can effect the world and not a "religious body." Please, live beyond the "religious body." Your purpose transcends "ritual, religion, and humanistic ideas."

Ever notice that only "religious mindsets" are offended at Kingdom Purposes and Dimensions, but the rest of the world "is not?

Think about it...