The Kingdom & the Works of the Flesh!
by Undrai & Bridget Fizer

The Lord Jesus did not die for us "and leave us to pay the Bill!"  He did not empower us with priviledge "and leave us to pay His tab!"  He did not invite us to "dinner with the Ruler and King of the Kingdom and leave us to pay the ticket!"  In other words, we have been given the Power to move on into the Perfected and Reconciled Dimensions of the Divine Nature of God within us, "and we do not have to pay a continual gratuity to sin, it's power, nor it's existence."

We do not have to pay a continual homage to the powers of sin.  We do not need to "remind" ourselves that we are in a state of "recovery," as though we are "sin addicts" that will never be free of the addiction.  Sin is name of the disconnection between The Father's Identity and our own.  It is the "wedge" between His Holy Nature and our own.  We were created in the Holiness of God. 

We were created to be as He is, and not to merely be "good, and accepted" by Him.  We were created "already accepted," therefore the need to find acceptance "was never the issue or the point!"  Acceptance was an irrevelent thing, a thing that never entered into the consciousness of Man, which is God's Breath "in skin!"

Now as believers, it is a usual thing for us to "interchange" the term "sin" with "works of the flesh."   Christ Jesus has removed the Sin, which is the wedge between Divine Nature and our nature. However, it is imperative for us to "subject ourselves to the Spirit of God in order to eradicate the works of the flesh, which is really a harvest we have received as a result of planting seeds of insignificance in our flesh or human consciousness."

Jesus has taken away the "wedge," or "sins" of the world.  But we must implement His Word in order to destroy "the works of the flesh" that we, and not the devil, has planted within us. Our own lust, whether it was planted by the fear of rejection, the fear of acceptance, or the fear of fear, produces our actions in the flesh.  We are not "told" to have the works of the flesh. Our own values, regardless of how they are ignited, awakens our need to "fulfill these lusts" in whatever we see to fulfill them.  Lucifer's power has been defeated once and for all. But "our power" is still a work in progress.  (smile) *James 1:13-15

Works of the flesh are not always "sexual, immoral, indecent, or downright raunchy." A work of the flesh "is any creation that does not find the Nature of God as it's Source of being." There are "good things" that are works of the flesh, "and those things are not always hell-bound things." Works of the flesh will simply fill us with our "own minds" instead of the Father's Divine Mind. 

Instead of possessing the Mind of Christ, we will find ourselves possessing the mind of self.  And when we walk in the mind of self, we will not recognize Kingdom Realities when we encounter them because the mind of self "will make us ultra-conservative and ultra-protective" of ourselves in the Light of the Radical Dimensions of Kingdom Possibilities and Awakenings!"  In other words, the logic found in the mind of self cannot stand in the Presence of the illogical parameters of the Kingdom.

The Father is not using sin "to be the policeman" to our growth in the Reconciled Reality.  He is not using an allegiance to sin to be the "humbling agent" to a Mind that is becoming expanded by  the Precepts, or Original Thoughts, of the Kingdom.  Sin is not "the thorn" being used to "keep us in check" for pride that can be aroused by Kingdom Advancement.  Pride, as a matter of fact, is not a result of a Mind that is being expanded in Divine Life, but in our self-imposed desire to remain connected to wisdom of the flesh in order to gain acceptance by the flesh.  To experience your Divine Life in God is the most humbling aspect of the Kingdom, while choosing to live in the goodness of the flesh is really pride.  To do that is to say the flesh " has better value" than Kingdom Reality.  When you feel that an allegiance to the "respect of sin and flesh is greater to the world and your own self," you have deemed the Greatness of Christ as insignificant.  To be "lifted up" in Pride is to "stay down" in the flesh.

The Work of Jesus was powerful enough to be declared "finished!"  As we mature, by intent, in the Life of God, we will find ourselves "defeating the harvest of the flesh and our members."  We have indeed, been saved from the wedge that made Oneness with our Original Nature impossible.  It is no longer impossible to "be us" again.  We have been reconciled to our Original Life, our Original Mandate, and our Original Domion.  The Possibilities of the Kingdom are active within us.  But they cannot be truly and fully experienced "when we continue to give respect to the weakness of Sin which is magnified by the works of the flesh and the desire to find acceptance by flesh."

Christ has indeed removed our Sin, but obedience, faith, and a mature comprehension of the Divine Life of the Kingdom, will give us power "over the flesh, whether it be good, or whether it be bad!"   Subjecting oneself to the Principle of the Kingdom and it's Life "will remove the works that are established in the flesh!"

*Ephesians 1:3-23

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