'Do not let this one fact escape you beloved, that with the Lord one DAY is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one DAY...'(2 Pet.3:8)

'Be ready against the THIRD DAY, for the THIRD DAY the Lord will come down in the SIGHT of all the people...' (Ex. 19:11)

This is the dawning of the THIRD MILLENNIAL DAY since the cross and the resurrection of Jesus Christ changed everything. Yes, I'm aware of the inherent flaws of the Gregorian calendar we use, but that still doesn't altar the fact that we are somewhere in the dawning of the THIRD DAY... and for that matter, it is really the SPIRITUAL reality, the 'kairos' (not chronos) time that is important, so the THIRD DAY can happen ANY day! Hosea 6:2 says, 'After two days He will revive us, in the THIRD DAY He will raise us up, and we shall live in His sight.' I believe we have been seeing the fulfillment of this as people all over the world have been drawing closer to God (God hasn't moved, we moved closer to Him!), resulting in what we have termed as the 'move of God' in renewal / revival... let us not stop there however, for the best is yet to come! I would much rather be 'raised up to live in His sight' than to remain in the wonderful blessing of revival. I see revival as primarily ministry in the Outer Court and Holy Place, in other words, ministry to the BODY and the SOUL. To be 'raised up' to a higher realm, the realm of the SPIRIT and to 'LIVE (not just visit) in His sight' implies the continual tabernacled manifest presence of God where we LIVE from the spiritual realm and impact the natural realm... that is where my heart lies. It is life in the THIRD dimension on the THIRD DAY... the other two dimensions being the Outer Court and the Holy Place. It is time to move into the Holy of Holies, the THIRD dimension in the temple, time to live from the SPIRIT, the THIRD dimension in this bodily 'temple' I live in.

Yes, it is time to move into the culmination of the THIRD Feast also. We've experienced Passover (first) and the wonders of our salvation; we've experienced Pentecost (second) and the wonders of the gifts of the Spirit, the 'earnest' of the Spirit; it is time to move into Tabernacles (third). Remember, the 'earnest' is really a down payment, a promise of the FULL dispensing... let us press into the fulfillment of the promise, which is the FULLNESS of the Spirit, the fulfillment of Tabernacles.

Consider also the words of Jesus in John 2:19, 21 as He said, 'destroy this temple, and in THREE days I will raise it up... He spake of the temple of His body...', and are WE not His BODY? I see the TOMB becoming a WOMB, because 'if we have become ONE with Him by sharing a death like His, we shall also be ONE with Him in sharing his resurrection...' (Rom.6:5), as we DIE with Him, so shall we be raised up with him in the THIRD DAY!

I see another powerful prophetic picture in John 2 where we read that 'on the THIRD DAY there was a wedding feast at Cana of Galilee...' Throughout the Scripture the wedding feast is a symbolic picture of the intimacy of being joined to Christ, the ONENESS symbolized by the marriage relationship. In the Hebrew, Cana of Galilee literally means 'circle of heathen'... do you see the picture? A great 'wedding feast', people being joined to Christ in salvation in the place you least expect it... the circle of heathen! I can see a great harvest of souls happening in the streets, the bars, those places and people deemed 'unacceptable' by the religious mindset... and outside of the four walls of the edifices we have built and called 'church'. Mind you, I'm NOT against building facilities when needed, but 'church' cannot depend upon buildings. Church is what happens when you and I get up in the morning and go to our workplace (for some it is a 'circle of heathen'), or do the thing that occupies our time, just 'everyday life' because we ARE Church!

This is the THIRD DAY!... look for the wedding feast in the 'circle of heathen' that you have contact with and understand that God is working a unique miracle in this THIRD DAY. You see, the world, the 'circle of heathen' has run out of wine... they've tried everything, been there and done that, got the T-shirt too! Nothing satisfies the thirst. God has a unique miracle in progress though; He is taking SIX water pots of STONE and filling them with WATER. Six is the symbolic number of MAN; Peter refers to US as living STONES; WATER is analogous of the filling and cleansing of the Living Word, Christ IN US. I see a transformation happening in the Church as the water is turned into WINE, as wine symbolizes the FULLNESS of the Spirit... this WINE, this FULLNESS of the Spirit then being poured out in the 'circle of heathen'! And this will be the report that is heard, 'He has saved the BEST WINE till the last!...'

'And nations shall come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising... They all gather themselves together, they come to you... the abundant wealth of the sea shall be turned unto you; unto you shall the nations come with their treasures...' (Is.60:3-5) Yes, the 'circle of heathen' is thirsty, and the FULLNESS of the Spirit flowing through these stone vessels is the plan of God as 'the kingdoms of this world are become the Kingdom of the Lord and His Christ.' We must 'be ready against the THIRD DAY...' (Ex.19:11), and the key to being 'ready' is found in that the six water pots were consecrated or set apart for the purpose of purification... let us be totally 'set apart' to His purification in us, that we may be FILLED, TRANSFORMED and POURED OUT!

Let us move into this THIRD MILLENNIAL DAY with a THIRD DAY mentality, "For as he thinketh in his heart, so IS he...' (Prov.23.7).